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A little history

During the second half of the 19th century, on the initiative of King Leopold II, a mission of exploration under the orders of  Stanley was charged with the reconnaissance of the Congo basin and the setting up of stations in the basin. These pioneers had already understood that the development of the centre of the African Continent was dependant upon the exploitation of the Congo river and its tributaries.  In 1881 Stanley established the first station, "Leopoldville", on the same site as the present Naval Shipyard.

The oldest industrial activity of the Congo was born!

Chanic grew rapidly and established itself as an industrial group active in Central Africa and later in West Africa. Beyond its own industrial production, the Group diversified into the  distribution of  prestigious brand products related to its own principal activities.

Chanic’s Belgian origins and the importance of its subsidiary, Chanimetal in Kinshasa have always been the key to the success of Chanic in Central Africa. Today, Chanic S.A. controls the Group Chanimetal in Kinshasa, which employs more than 700 people in Belgium and Africa.